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Three Psychobilly CDs for £10.00
Outcasts Of Sobriety / Psycho Tendencies / Psychobilly Freakout

Three Various Artists Psychobilly CD compilations - Outcasts Of Sobriety / Psycho Tendencies / Psychobilly Freakout - all for only Ten Pounds!
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Track Listing:
Outcasts Of Sobriety - Punkabilly Blend CD:
Lords Of The Highway : Legend of 369
69 Beavershot : Caveman
The Marauders : Last Call
The Hyperjax : Return To Zero
The Legendary Hucklebucks : Blazin' Wheels
King Drapes : Best Of Wines
Last Call Brawlers : Downtown City Lights
The Go-Katz : Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat
Rocket 350 : Monster Truck
Astro Zombies : 666 Racing
Satan's Teardrops : The Last Stop
Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns : Tied To Hell
Straight 8s : Misunderstood
Union Avenue : Feltham Prison Blues
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival : Sin City
The Tri-Sonics : Mystery Lady
Wailin' Elroys : Tear In My Glass
The Vincent Razorbacks : Big Black Shadow
Tom Walbank & The Ambassadors : Howlin' Tomcat
Drugstore Cowboys : Game Over
Al Foul : Ever Seen A Flying Saucer
Voodoo Devils : Like A Dream
High Rollers : Booze and Women
Lucky 13 : Liar
Country Crock : Stabbin' Booze Fighter
Farrell Brothers : This Is A Riot
Cathouse Creepers : Fastlane.

Psycho Tendencies CD:
The Griswalds - Nighthawk.
Spellbound - Last Breath
Full Moon Freaks - Surfboard Song
Frantic Flintstones - Hot Head Baby
Termites - Let Me In
Grovelhog - Times Gotta Change
Long Tall Texans - 900 Miles
Full Moon Freaks - Swamp Rockin' Baby
Go-Katz - Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat
Sugarpuff Demons - Weedin'
Griswalds - Psycho Tendencies
Termites - I Can't Wait
Shakin' Bones - Deviltown USA
Frantic Flintstones - Alley Cat King
Go-Katz - Nightmare
Griswalds - Robbie Robot
Sgt Fury - Cold Cold Sunday
Radium Cats - Haunted By Your Love
Cosmic Voodoo - Old Man In The Woods
Frantic Flintstones - Let's Go Somewhere.

Psychobilly Freakout CD:
The Tripdaddys - 70 West
Roswell Invaders - Invaders
Sgt Fury - Just Run Away
Lonesome Kings - Through The Devil's Eyes
The Deadcats - Night Of The Helltrain
The Hangmen - Whore For The Devil
The Meantraitors - Followin' The Female
Kill Van Helsing - Hot Rod Bitch
Photon Torpedoes - It Came From Outer Space
Howlin' Moondoggies - Switchblade 327
Hellbilly Club - Raw Lust
Babe Magnets - Project X
Speed Crazy - Persued
Rockland Ladies - Werewolves
Thee Waltons - Rock On The Moon
Bad Luck Streak - Zombie Mutant Aliens
Grandpa Candys - My Little Sister
Big John Bates - Dig Myself A Hole
Frantic Flintstones - Speed Kills
Mysterious Men In Black - Psycho.


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