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Ruby Ann On Rhythm Bomb Records

Years ago, when I first saw Ruby Ann perform, she was a shy young girl, clearly nervous about being on stage. Her latest work with Axel and the guys in Berlin is a world apart from that early sound. So what happened in between? Well life did. Ruby Ann faced her fears and travelled around the world, singing in small towns and tiny bars and then huge shows and major festivals... It’s not a glamorous life and it’s not an easy one. Living away from home, bad treatment and heartache could have easily made her quit... but instead it made her stronger. And this album is the proof.
From full bodied R’n’B on Call His Name, to a Sun Sound rockabilly songbird on Baby I don’t Care; from the deep husky voice and powerful emotion of I Heard that Line Before, to the sassy celebration of strength of No I Won’t Cry, and the joyous celebration of I’m Gonna have Myself a Ball. These aren’t just songs; they represent a shy young girl turning into a confident, talented woman... this is a life affirming musical story. And a good one at that!

With expert musicianship and period perfect performances from the best in the west, Ruby Ann is back... and she has never sounded so good! Welcome home Mama!!!

Jerry Chatabox
September 2011
cheers Ralph

09/11/2011 10:30