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Thank you for more than 150.000 visits

Hi everbody ... Would like to thank you for more than 150.000 visits on this blog. Thank you for following news about rockabilly / psychobilly around globe and that we will keep in future as well. For future can tell that we will put some news here as choosing best rockabilly album for 2011 and best psychobilly album as well. Nomination will be soon announced here so you vote. Also there is some special interviews with some of artists from both scenes. That's part of changes which will come soon.

For today, as a small gift for all of your visits, special DJ continuos mix of classic rockabilly songs (single file). Mix is recorded in WAV, so it's high quality sound and all what you need to do is download this file, make a CD and dance! Enjoy!

R O C K A B I L L Y  W I L L  N E V E R  D I E ! ! !

Lab3352 Classic Rockabilly Mix 2011
(no breaks between songs – put in player and enjoy)

01 Opening
02 Sonny Burgess: „Red Headed Woman“
03 Eddie Cochran: „Skinny Jim“
04 Sonny Fischer: „Rockin' Daddy“
05 Johnny Burnette: „Honey Hush“
06 The Scotty Moore Trio: „Have Guitar, Will Travel“
07 Carl Perkins: „Honey Don't“
08 Billy Leer Riley: „Rock With Me Baby“
09 Jack Scott: „Two Timmin Woman“
10 Jeff Daniels: „Daddy-O-Rock“
11 Joyce Green: „Black Cadillac“
12 Andy Starr: „Rockin' Rollin“
13 Elvis Presley: „Blue Moon Of Kentacky“
14 Gene Vincent: „Race With Me“
15 Charlie Feathers: „Bottle To“
16 Dialogue 25-17 Break
17 Johnny Burnette: „The Train Kept A Rollin'“
18 Sleepy LaBeef: „All The Time“
19 Mac Curtis: „Grandaddy's Rock“
20 Carl Perkins: „Boppin' The Blues“
21 Dean Beard: „Rackin' And Scrap“
22 Sonee West: „Rock Ola Ruby“
23 Eddie Cochran: „Twenty Flight Rock“
24 Closing

22/09/2011 13:24