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Hicksville Bombers: News

New album - OUT

The Hicksville Bombers new album 'Ready to Rumble' is  released on 8th July at the Americana, it features the new drummer Shaun and has him singing a few tracks, a song written and sung by Paul, and 7 originals by Dave and 8 covers in the Bombers own style.

Lab3352: After my first listening can say that album is very good with nice production. Only cover of the album is from "Rockin'  Bones" Rhino box set, but that is not a problem. First song "Ready To Rumble" is really good and here is full tracklist:

1. Ready to Rumble,
2. Why Don'tcha ever listen,
3. Anger Blues
4. Making love to my record machine
5. I've changed my mind
6. Ballad of Lucy Jordan,
7. Bop with me
8. Alone and Forsaken
9. House of the rising sun,
10. I can't dance
11. What now? what next? where to?
12. Let your hair down baby
13. That's alright mama,
14. I never had the one i wanted,
15. Domino
16. Loveoholic


15/08/2011 09:38