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Adele plans to produce bluegrass and country album

British singer Adele is set to record a country and bluegrass follow-up to her smash-hit album, 21.


British singer Adele says her US tour has influenced her new direction toward country music.

According to the UK's Sun on August 4, Adele revealed that her latest influences are country, rockabilly, and bluegrass, thanks to her recent tour in the US.

"The melodies and to-the-point lyrics I have found in a lot of American styles of music is definitely something I'm going be pursuing heavily from now on," she said in the interview. "I want to spend some time in Austin in Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, and learn about it."

Adele added that discovering new American country musicians is "like a four-year-old in a candy shop who's discovering sweets again." Adele tours the UK and US through October 21, and then is likely to begin work on the new album. According to NME, the album is rumored to feature collaborations with Tinie Tempah and Jay-Z.

Her breakthrough sophomore LP, 21, reached number one in album charts in 17 countries. In the UK, Adele has spent more time at the top of the charts than any female artist in history.

Watch Adele's clip for her massive hit "Rolling in the Deep":

05/08/2011 08:56