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Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot Plays Sound Board At Motorcity Hotel 12/1

MotorCity Casino Hotel has announced " Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot" at Sound Board on Thursday, December 1 at 8:00 p.m.

In the 1980's, Setzer, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter formed the popular rockabilly band, Stray Cats and caught America's attention with the 1982 album Built for Speed, which included two Top Ten hits. In the 1990's, Brian led a comeback for swing and big band music when he formed The Brian Setzer Orchestra. The band has released six albums to date and two live DVD's. Since 2000 Brian Setzer has earned three Grammy Awards. Setzer is temporarily putting the big band orchestra aside and is performing with the Riot Squad.

Tickets ($60.00 and $56.00) go on sale September 30 at all Ticketmaster locations and Tickets are also available through the MotorCity Casino Hotel Box Office Friday-Sunday. To charge tickets by phone, call (800) 745-3000.


Beat Devils - New album & Euro Tour

New Album "Another Dream" is out on Crazy Love Records!

Check out the new song "We Gonna Get It" here:

Next week Beat Devils are hitting another European tour!

27/09 Belguim, Verviers
D&RR (ex Paradise)
Rue de Limbourg B - 4800

28/09 Holland, Amsterdam
Club Maloe Melo

29/09 Belguim, Mons
Le Chimonet
Place Léopold 13

30/09 Germany, Berlin
Club Wild At Heart
with Sir Psyko & his Monsters, Surfing Caramba

01/10 Germany, Bremen
2nd Psychobilly Earthquake with Meteors, Griswalds, Sir Psyko & His Monsters, Spellbound, Stressor, Howling Wolfmen

Russian "Another Dream" shows:

22/10 Moscow, Club Jao-Da

29/10 St.Petersburg, Club City


"Return of the Doppelgängers" New EP out Oct 20th!

Featuring 5 tracks of nifty NZ Psychobilly:

Deviant -
Music Video
Enslaving Me
Don't Ask Me
They Demand a Sacrifice -
The Herald of Galactus

The CD will be available for digital Download in mid October, and we will be selling the CDs in person at the release gigs in NZ, with a system to deliver overseas sorted eventually.

Add us on facebook to keep track of how we sort that Wink


Psychobilly gigs

Screamin' Sugar Skulls October Mini-tour

Screamin' Sugar Skulls @ Roller Derby

Coffin Nails + Hola Ghost + Screamin' Sugar Skulls


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"The baddest princess of them all"


Thank you for more than 150.000 visits

Hi everbody ... Would like to thank you for more than 150.000 visits on this blog. Thank you for following news about rockabilly / psychobilly around globe and that we will keep in future as well. For future can tell that we will put some news here as choosing best rockabilly album for 2011 and best psychobilly album as well. Nomination will be soon announced here so you vote. Also there is some special interviews with some of artists from both scenes. That's part of changes which will come soon.

For today, as a small gift for all of your visits, special DJ continuos mix of classic rockabilly songs (single file). Mix is recorded in WAV, so it's high quality sound and all what you need to do is download this file, make a CD and dance! Enjoy!

R O C K A B I L L Y  W I L L  N E V E R  D I E ! ! !

Lab3352 Classic Rockabilly Mix 2011
(no breaks between songs – put in player and enjoy)

01 Opening
02 Sonny Burgess: „Red Headed Woman“
03 Eddie Cochran: „Skinny Jim“
04 Sonny Fischer: „Rockin' Daddy“
05 Johnny Burnette: „Honey Hush“
06 The Scotty Moore Trio: „Have Guitar, Will Travel“
07 Carl Perkins: „Honey Don't“
08 Billy Leer Riley: „Rock With Me Baby“
09 Jack Scott: „Two Timmin Woman“
10 Jeff Daniels: „Daddy-O-Rock“
11 Joyce Green: „Black Cadillac“
12 Andy Starr: „Rockin' Rollin“
13 Elvis Presley: „Blue Moon Of Kentacky“
14 Gene Vincent: „Race With Me“
15 Charlie Feathers: „Bottle To“
16 Dialogue 25-17 Break
17 Johnny Burnette: „The Train Kept A Rollin'“
18 Sleepy LaBeef: „All The Time“
19 Mac Curtis: „Grandaddy's Rock“
20 Carl Perkins: „Boppin' The Blues“
21 Dean Beard: „Rackin' And Scrap“
22 Sonee West: „Rock Ola Ruby“
23 Eddie Cochran: „Twenty Flight Rock“
24 Closing


Goofin' Records Rock And Roll Weekender



PERJANTAI / FRIDAY: 14.10.2011
Gene Vincent TRIBUTE 40th anniversary Night  - RIP  1971-2011

- GRAHAM FENTON (UK) Gene Vincent tribute show
- SPUD 'n' NICK & THE ROUGH SHODS (Fin) (= Kekka Uitto & Vesku Haaja + bändi)

- DJs Mac (Fin) and Racketeer (Swe)

- B.Cupp And The Strapless Trio (Fin)
- Sugar Ray Ford Swing Quartet (UK)

- Roddy Jackson (USA)
- Bloodshot Bill (Can)
- DJs Moonkat (Fin) & Daddy-O-Tähtinen (Fin)

After Party SUNNUNTAI / SUNDAY: 16.10.2011

Hakaniemenranta, Helsinki
Tickets € 7;- except those who have bought the Friday + Saturday two-day ticket have a free admission with wristband!
doors open 19.00 PM, showtime 20.00 PM
- Uncle John Trio (Fin)
- DJ Pachuko Pete (Fin)

Advance ticket for Friday and Saturday € 50;-
Advance ticket for Friday only € 28;-
Advance ticket for Saturday only € 32;-
tickets available from Goofin' Records shop and Tiketti


Hillbilly Moon Explosion Tour 2011 Dates

30 September  Germany – Nürnberg / Club Loop
29 October Switzerland – Baden / Royal
31 October Germany – Stuttgart / Rock’n’Roll Halloween @ Landespavillon
16 November Hungary – Budapest / A38
17.11.2011 - KSET / Zagreb - Croatia
18.11.2011 - ORTO Bar / Ljubljana - Slovenia
19 November Austria – Marbach / Riot Show @ Festsaal


10 Songs That Helped Make Nick 13's Country Debut

Tiger Army's Nick 13 delivered his self-titled solo debut this year, and the lead singer of one of the past decade's biggest psychobilly bands has made one of the most enjoyable traditional country records of 2011 not called PhotographsYes, this 10-song set from the man you first met on those genre-bending Tiger Army albums, belting like a rockabilly Danzig, is a more-than-worthy country statement. Nick 13 strikes a surprising pose as a country crooner, but the record proves the heavily tattooed artist is no novice when it comes to the genre. Nick 13's smart and sharp flattop screams George Jones, but his dark, hip-swiveling quiver of a voice screams Chris Isaak and Dwight Yoakam. He didn't skimp on the guests either, with Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins laying down fiddle on the collection of cuts, and steel guitar legend Lloyd Green chipping in his own magic. He also remakes two Tiger Army songs, "In The Orchard" and "Cupid's Victim" from Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite.

It's been making waves on the the mainstream country charts too, debuting at No. 22 back in June, not too bad in an industry dominated by the likes of the Zac Brown Band and Lady Antebellum. If the pop charts can see entries from aural throwbacks like Mumford & Sons and Adele, it only stands to reason that the country crowd would thirst for something that sounds like it could come from their grandparents' record collection. Some would say that Nick 13 is helping convert rockabilly folk to cowboy boots and pearl snaps, but we all know that the two styles of twang already go hand in hand. Some steadfast Tiger Army fans are put off by the volumes and tempos on the solo album, but the accolades are drowning them out. We asked him to list the 10 country cuts that helped him create his album, and he came through in fine form.

He could have gone for 13, but why push your luck?

"Big Iron," Marty Robbins

Nick: It might sound strange to refer to Marty Robbins' Western songs as "modern," but a late-'50s album like Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs did have a modern sound and feel when compared with Western music from the '30s or '40s, not to mention the fact that it influenced almost all Western songs that followed in some way. My own songs on the new record that use Western elements are no exception - "Carry My Body Down," for example.

"Kaw-Liga," Hank Williams Sr.

Nick: This song was a reference for the "Indian" feel in my song "All Alone." Of course, I didn't actually listen to it again before throwing the idea out there during the arrangement process, but sometimes the feeling a reference is meant to evoke is more important than the real-life resemblance. I could have said "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Lost Highway" or any number of others - the stage was set for my writing "All Alone" by many years of being moved by the lonesome feeling in Hank Williams' best singles.

"Alabama," The Louvin Brothers

Nick: While I didn't have this song in mind specifically when I wrote "101," it represents the kind of song I was thinking of. Country music odes to states like Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky are many, I wanted to do the same for my home state of California. There's more to "101" than that lyrically; it's also a story about my life, but "Alabama" would've been one of the first state-based songs I came across in my exploration of vintage hillbilly, and the Louvins were some of the first country artists whose work I really fell in love with.

"I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)," Buck Owens

Nick: The biting guitar sound of the great Don Rich was obviously another influence on "101". He could transform a Fender Telecaster into an angry hornet if he desired. We were going for overall feel more than referencing this particular song in the studio, but it's a great example of his fretboard work.

"Congratulations," Ricky Nelson


Nick: There's no one place that my song "Cupid's Victim" came from; the original version that I did with my band Tiger Army was influenced by Buddy Holly and The Ramones. One of the touchstones for the slower, countrified version on my solo album was the idea of Ricky Nelson's early work - his easy swagger and the rootsy, rockin' playing of guitarist James Burton were in our minds as we re-cut it ("we" being myself and producers James Intveld and Greg Leisz). "Congratulations" is a good place to hear both the elements we were thinking of in one place before they were added into the stew.

"From Hell To Paradise", The Mavericks

Nick: I must confess that I'm still ignorant of much country music made after the close of the '60s. One of the few contemporary acts to catch my attention in the '90s was The Mavericks. This song exemplifies what I loved about their sound, with its driving acoustics, Tex-Mex influence and Raul Malo's soaring vocals, all of which influenced my solo sound in general and specifically "Restless Moon."

"Hickory Wind," The Byrds

Nick: While I definitely appreciate late 60s country rock from the Parsons/Byrds pantheon, I never considered it to be something I was "going" for. Nonetheless, I hear elements of it on my record in songs like "Nashville Winter" and "Nighttime Sky". Something subconscious or a case of parallel evolution, perhaps some kind of California thing? Either way, this song exemplifies an influence that pops up here and there on my solo album.

"Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)," Buck Owens

Nick: The vocal harmony on my song "Someday" was a relatively late addition to the track, writing-wise. While I've always been a fan of harmony and could site the Louvins again, or the Monroe Brothers, it was the harmonies of Don Rich over Buck Owens that I was thinking of here (certainly during mixing), and this song is a great example. I wasn't thinking of what Rich would have done with "Someday" note-wise, but rather feel-wise. Eddie Perez sang the chorus harmony in the studio, and while he's primarily known for his fretboard work, his highly skilled harmony singing shouldn't be underestimated.

"Love Hurts," Roy Orbison


Nick: In addition to being one of my musical heroes, Roy Orbison was an influence on my song "In The Orchard", originally recorded with Tiger Army about a decade ago. I wanted to rerecord it for the solo album and producer James Intveld came up with an idea to bring the Orbison influence to the forefront in the new arrangement. I now forget which song we used as a reference when cutting the verse piano, but this might have been it. No specific track was referenced for the drumbeat used in the new version, but it's signature Orbison.

"Sleepwalk", Santo & Johnny

Nick: We used this song as a reference in the new version of "Orchard" - the signature riff in the original was played by Greg Leisz on a pedal steel guitar after I whistled it to him. I wanted this version to be unique, so we decided to cut the signature riff in the new version on a lap steel instead, with "Sleepwalk" as a reference for sound and cadence, giving a slightly different feel although the melody remains unchanged. Josh Grange played the lap for the signature riff and Greg laid down some additional textural work.


*** Psychobilly news






New Album "Another Dream" is out on Crazy Love Records!

Check out the new song "We Gonna Get It" here:

Next week we are hitting another European tour!

22/09 Poland, Warsaw
Club Eufenia with Monkey & Baboons

23/09 Germany, Eberswalde
University Town of Eberswalde
Student Club

24/09 Germany, Backnang
JUZE Backnang Centre

25/09 Czechia, Prague
Cross Club

27/09 Belguim, Verviers
D&RR (ex Paradise)
Rue de Limbourg B - 4800

28/09 Holland, Amsterdam
Club Maloe Melo

29/09 Belguim, Mons
Le Chimonet
Place Léopold 13

30/09 Germany, Berlin
Club Wild At Heart
with Sir Psyko & his Monsters, Surfing Caramba

01/10 Germany, Bremen
2nd Psychobilly Earthquake with Meteors, Griswalds, Sir Psyko & His Monsters, Spellbound, Stressor, Howling Wolfmen

Russian "Another Dream" shows:

22/10 Moscow, Club Jao-Da

29/10 St.Petersburg, Club City





Current Featured Video

Chan Romero - Hippy Hippy Shake


Cramped! Volume 1 CD

Cramped! Volume 1 CD
17 sizzling tracks of Sleazabilly Stomp in tribute to the genius of The Cramps!
All of these bands, although many with cult followings in their own right, have been influenced by the ultimate underground Rock 'n' Roll band fronted by the much-missed Lux Interior.
The Cramps influence far outweighed their commercial success, and they will continue to inspire bands from Rock 'n' Roll's dark side for many years to come.
Liner notes by Hank Ray.

Track Listing:
The Way I Walk : Rocket To Memphis
Domino : The Go-Katz
Rock On The Moon : The Waltons
Fever : Frank Gannon
Goo Goo Muck : The Raymen
The Natives Are Restless : Goo Goo Muck
The Green Door : The Go-Katz
Faster Pussycat : Billy O & The Crushers
You Got Good Taste : Sons Of El Roacho
Blue Moon Baby : Fat Cat Trio
What's Inside A Girl? : Vince Ray & The Boneshakers
Get Off The Road : Lucky 13
The Hot Pearl Snatch : Goo Goo Muck
All Women Are Bad : Vince Ray & The Boneshakers
Ultra Twist : The Sabrejets
Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs : Devil Wrays
Cramp Stomp : Tokyo Cramps

More on:


Robert Gordon still carrying the rockabilly torch

  • By Jason Schneider, For NightLife
  • It’s easy for some to view Robert Gordon as a nostalgia act, but the fact is, some people were just born to sing rock and roll. Moreover, the passion and flair at the heart of so much music made between Elvis Presley’s first recordings in 1954 to the appearance of Beatlemania ten years later will always connect with audiences, no matter how determined the endless parade of Elvis impersonators are to mock it.

    That same passion and flair helped ignite punk rock in New York City in the mid-1970s, the time and place when Robert Gordon was convinced that his baritone was better suited to representing the music he first started singing in his youth. His early recordings that saw him teamed with the legendary guitarist Link Wray were equally rebellious as punk records of the time, and by the early 1980s, groups like the Stray Cats were selling millions of albums on the strength of a “rockabilly revival.”

    Long after that fad dissipated, Gordon stayed true to his sound even though it relegated him to the role of cult hero. Still, in a lot of ways the 64-year-old remains one of the last vestiges of the original rockabilly spirit, meaning that new generations continually discover the music through Gordon’s dogged determination to stay active on the global touring circuit.

    “It’s either feast or famine in the music business,” Gordon says. “But I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years old, so what else am I gonna do? I’m fortunate that I’ve worked enough in Europe that I can go to places like Italy and Finland and play with great bands there, because it’s so hard to keep a full-time band on the road. You just have to do what you gotta do to keep working.”

    Canada has been good to Gordon too, ever since he did a guest spot on SCTV in the early ‘80s, performing his then-current hit Someday Someway with his group that featured the late, celebrated guitarist Danny Gatton, and Bob Dylan’s future bassist Tony Garnier. “Canada has always been a very special place for me,” Gordon says.

    “Back in the ’70s, even when I was more associated with the punk scene, the audiences in Canada were responsive, and have stuck with me even though we’ve all gotten older. I used to play the El Mocambo [in Toronto] back when it was thriving, so I feel like I’ve paid my dues in Canada. But aside from that, I just like the people, and I like hanging out there.”

    Gordon’s most recent album, 2007’s It’s Now Or Never, found him reuniting with another of his longtime collaborators, British guitarist Chris Spedding. In the years that followed its release, they toured with Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock and Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom as their rhythm section, to great acclaim. While Gordon can’t say at the moment if that group will ever reform, it did give him some reassurance that a substantial audience for rockabilly still existed, and was eager to hear the classic material played well.

    “The bulk of the songs are the ones that people most want to hear,” he says. “I still have a lot of original material that Chris and I worked on a long time ago, but I’m sort of saving that for the right moment when we can go into the recording studio. But things are so different now; to me, people seem to make CDs just to sell at their shows. If the right situation comes along, though, I’d like to make another album.”

    Who: Robert Gordon w/The Greasemarks and Burnin’ Ethyl

    When: Thursday, Sept. 22

    Where: Fat Cat’s, 101 Hazelglen Dr., Kitchener

    Tickets: $25

    Doors: 8 p.m.

    More Info:


    *** Upcoming psychobilly gigs

    315029 145407955554039 145388262222675 239846 144553526 N

    Speed Kings Poster


    Music Review: Jerry Lee Lewis - 25 All Time Greatest Sun Recordings

    Jerry Lee Lewis is the last man standing among his famous Sun labelmates. Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash are all gone, but old Jerry Lee rocks on. He is also one of the last of a rapidly vanishing list of 1950s superstars who helped form the foundation of rock 'n' roll. His career has now reached the 55-year mark. He has produced dozens of pop and country hit singles, and his albums have sold tens of millions of copies. He has toured constantly for over a half century and been married seven times (including once to his 13 year old cousin once removed, which almost ruined his career). He has been elected to the Rock And Roll and Rockabilly Halls Of Fame.

    While his career has moved in many directions and included rock, country, and rockabilly styles of music, it was his time with the legendary Sun label that has defined his career. 25 All Time Greatest Sun Recordings is a fine short overview of his almost seven years with the label. If you have the cash and the inclination, there is always the Bear Family label's Classic: The Definitive Edition Of His Sun Recordings 1956-1963, which covers 244 tracks spread over eight CDs. If that box set is overkill, then this single disc compilation should do just fine.

    The sound is just about as clear and pristine as its going to get, given the age of the songs and the recording equipment of the day. The producers wisely went back to the original source tapes and used modern technology to enhance the quality as much as is possible. Most fans of early rock 'n' roll should be very familiar with his better known songs. If you fall into that category but don't have any of his early material in your collection, then this is a good place to start. If you are unfamiliar with his music, then this album will be a real treat. 0His biggest hits are some of the finest to emerge from the 1950s. "Great Balls Of Fire," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Breathless," and "High School Confidential" are essential to understanding the early evolution of rock music. The energy and underlying sexual tension have remained an essential part of rock's make-up. Add his pumping piano and showmanship to the mix and you have some of the best high octane rock of its era. As with any compilation album, there will always be controversy as to what was included and what was left out. Once you get past his essential hits, there are any number of songs that could have been included. The material chosen tended to be somewhat haphazard, which worked well as it gave a taste of the many sides of his early career. There are rock covers ("Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Good Golly Miss Molly"), country covers ("Crazy Arms" and "You Win Again"), and the somewhat obscure ("Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" and "Lewis Boogie"). Jerry Lee Lewis has always considered himself the greatest musician in rock history. Many of these tracks show that he was very close to being right.

    Album details:

    Digitally remastered by Dan Hersch (Digiprep, Hollywood, California).

    25 ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS is an extremely well chosen anthology of Jerry Lee Lewis' early work. This music is as extreme as '50s rock gets. After all, as Allan J. Weiner puts it in his excellent liner notes, if rock & roll had a voice, attitude, and performing style, it would very closely resemble Lewis'. Among these epochal, reverb-drenched blasts, one finds all of Lewis' hits-"Great Balls of Fire," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On," and "Breathless." Many of the less familiar tracks are just as potent. Lewis' leering, rockabilly version of Ray Charles' "What'd I Say" and his country boogie take on Hank Williams' "Cold, Cold Heart" are especially good. As one-CD Lewis best-of selections go, this disc is pretty hard to beat.

    Includes liner notes by Allen J. Wiener.
    Liner Note Author: Allen J. Wiener.
    Recording information: 1957-1978.
    Producers: Sam Phillips, Jack Clement, Bill Justis, Billy Sherrill.
    Compilation producer: Cary E. Mansfield.

    1. Crazy Arms  
    2. End of the Road  
    3. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On  
    4. Great Balls of Fire  
    5. You Win Again  
    6. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee  
    7. Breathless  
    8. Down the Line  
    9. High School Confidential  
    10. Fools Like Me  
    11. Lewis Boogie  
    12. Break-Up  
    13. I'll Make It All up to You  
    14. Lovin' up a Storm  
    15. Baby Baby Bye Bye  
    16. What'd I Say  
    17. Cold Cold Heart  
    18. Save the Last Dance for Me  
    19. Sweet Little Sixteen  
    20. Good Golly Miss Molly  
    21. Invitation to Your Party  
    22. One Minute Past Eternity  
    23. I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye  
    24. Waitin' for a Train (All Around the...)  
    25. Love on Broadway

    Review by David Bowling,


    Picture of the week


    *** Upcoming rockabilly gigs around globe


    All about Hemsby Weekend 2011

    Thursday October 6th
    20.00 Stax 32 (England)
    22.00 Rhythm River Trio (England)
    24.00 Rudy LaCrioux and the All Stars (England)
    Friday October 7th
    16.00 Chris Casello (USA)
    18.00 Knocksville (England)
    Friday October 7th
    20.00 Mike Bell & Belltones (Finland)
    22.00 Johnny Powers & Chris Casello (USA)
    24.00 Bobby Brooks Hamilton & Big Boy Bloater's All Stars (USA)
    01.30 Keytones (England)

    Saturday October 8th
    14.00 Doggone Honkabilly Band (England)
    17.00 Johnny Gunner and the Raiders (England)

    Saturday October 8th
    20.00 Infernos (England)
    22.00 Jack Earls & Infernos (USA)
    24.00 Truly Lover Trio (USA)
    01.30 Ceasars (England)

    Sunday October 9th
    15.00 JAM SESSION
    17.00 The Old Stuff Trio (Brazil)

    BOAT CRUISE - Rudy LaCrioux

    Sunday October 9th
    20.00 Howlin' Lou and his Whip Lovers (Italy)
    22.00 Sweet Jeena & Roomates (Finland/UK)
    23.30 Dragster (England)
    The management reserve the right to change the above running order without prior notification.



    *** Upcoming rockabilly gigs in october 2011


    *** Upcoming psychobilly gigs

    Tiger Army

    Psychout Circus


    *** Picture of the week


    Charles Hardin Holley (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

    Charles Hardin Holley was born on September 7, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A. to Lawrence Odell and Ella Pauline (Drake) Holley. Holly was always called "Buddy" by his family. Older brothers Travis and Larry taught their sibling to play a variety of instruments, including the guitar, four-string banjo and lap steel guitar. At the age of five, his young voice and exuberance won him a talent contest singing a then-popular song, "Have You Ever Gone Sailing (Down the River of Memories)." In 1949, still retaining his soprano, he recorded a bluesy solo rendering of Hank Snow's "My Two Timin' Woman" on a wire recorder borrowed by a friend who worked in a music shop.

    In 1952, he met Bob Montgomery at Hutchinson Junior High School. They shared an interest in music, and teamed up as "Buddy and Bob". Initially influenced by bluegrass, they sang harmony duets at local clubs and high school talent shows. The duo performed on a local radio station KDAV Sunday broadcast that made them a top local act. Hutchinson Junior High School now has a mural honoring Holly, and Lubbock High School, where he sang in the school choir, also honors the late musician.

    Rest read on:

    Buddy Holly PC Wallpaper:


    Found In The Archives: Japan's Roaring Rockabilly Scene

    Newsreels were shown in movie theaters before the main feature, along with cartoons and previews. The earliest ones began around the turn of the century, although most didn't get going until the late 1920s or early '30s. There were five major companies, and the one I draw from the most is Universal Newsreel, because it is in the public domain and available from the National Archives.


    Current Featured Video

    Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue

    Elvis comes to life in Seoul

    A group of South Korean musicians modeling themselves after 'The King' are bringing rockabilly to the land of 'K-pop.'

    The RockTigers play rockabilly sounds of the 1950s.

    Courtesy of The Rocktigers

    They’re called the pioneers of Korean rockabilly – a musical genre as alien to East Asia as poodle skirts and polka dots. Now, having recently returned from a first-ever tour of the United States, the RockTigers are ready to unleash their sound on the rest of the world.

    At home in Korea, the RockTigers sit boldly outside a South Korean mainstream that favors bouncy, cuddly “K-pop.” The ubiquitous slogan that accompanies the band almost everywhere it goes delivers the simplest of forewarnings: This band produces a sound best described as “Kimchibilly” with soul.

    IN PICTURES: Elvis impersonators

    On stage, members Velvet Geena, Tiger, Jack “The Knife,” Eddie Tarantula, and Roy sport a sense of fashion straight out of 1950s Memphis, Ten. Mostly, that means drainpipe jeans and open leather jackets exposing low-cut white vests, topped off by a set of greased-up pompadours. Their followers also pay homage to the sartorial sensibilities of the rockabilly heyday. Lead vocalist Geena, the sole female member, can often be seen on stage sporting polka-dot dresses and cowboy boots, all with an infectious smile and bobbed, dyed-blond hair.

    Korean audiences find their sound peculiar, says Geena. “They’ve never heard of the slapping-bass sound,” she says, “but they can feel our music and passion. When they see us for the first time, they are reminded of Elvis, the king!”

    Next time they hit US shores they hope to visit the rockabilly heartland – including Memphis.

    ::: thx to Bryan Kay :::


    Get Rhythmy Weekender 2012 Line Up


    Picture Of The Week


    Rockabilly all day event at Hiams Sports and at Social Club at Prickwillow

    ROCKABILLY enthusiasts from all over the UK dressed up in traditional costumes and converged on Prickwillow on Saturday for an all day celebration at Hiams Sports and Social Club.
    Music from the 1930’s to 50’s got everyone dancing at the Hep Hut, and there was a traditional tattooist and barber on hand to help everyone get the right look for the day.

    A car show attracted vehicles from the Rockabilly tradition, with members of the Side Winders Car Club bringing along their traditional hot rod vehicles from the 1940’s and 50’s. Cars could also be decorated in pin stripes, an authentic look from the Rockabilly era.

    Music was supplied by The Big Kahunas, Bill Fadden and the Rhthym Busters; along with DJs Skinny Jim, Little Carl and Bebop Kaz.

    Adult entertainment was provided by burlesque dancer Slinky Sparkles, just returned from her show in the USA. A group of five friends from Booze, Battle and Ball Promotions organised the event; in the past they have put on Rockabilly shows all over the world.

    One of the organisers, Ski Dzieciolowkski, said: “It was a great day. We had people dressed in all sorts of costumes, from 1950’s Hollywood to John-Boy Walton style; and we had traditional cars and motorbikes from the period. “Between 250 and 300 people attended, some were real enthusiasts, but it was a real eye opener for others, who certainly went away as Rockabilly enthusiasts.


    German enthusiasts show true passion for rockabilly and rat rods

    The event is called Rust and Dust, but this year that dust was replaced with rain and mud. Still, the attendees of this automotive festival in Teterow, Germany arrived in large numbers to share their passion for rockabilly, rat rods and racing. The rain attempted to dampen spirits, but it was powerless against these German fans of American old school.

    The language is different, but the cars and music are the same. So is the enthusiasm for the style, and it comes through in the following video, which has subtitles but almost doesn't even need them.

    OK, that's not true... we need the subtitles. Still, the video shows a group of car enthusiasts gathering to hang out and enjoy their shared love, regardless of the weather. At first it seems odd, due to the language being spoken (and occasional Audi and Opel logo), but it quickly becomes mesmerizing. Click past the jump to see for yourself.

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