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Rockabilly Blowout The Alibi’s Group Hug greases up

This month, Alibi Group Hug is celebrating that rebellious marriage of early rhythm and blues with country and Western music. Despite being a nascent form of rock and roll, rockabilly, and its wild, raw, reverberating energy, has endured for six decades. On Saturday, an assembly of New Mexico’s most rockabilly-est citizens will provide their sonic services at the Launchpad. DJ Lucky (ex-“Lucky’s Belvedere Lounge” on Radio Free Santa Fe), The .357s, The Hi-Lo Tone (ex-Long Gone Trio), Cowboys and Indian (ex-Swingin’ Meat) and Jakob Insane (12 Step Rebels) comprise the stellar, slicked-back bill. (For more on Jakob Insane and Cowboys and Indian, read the interviews below.)

In addition to the music, we have a variety of sundries and swinging accouterments planned. Dark Flash Photography will be set up to do on-the-spot pinup photos complete with a backdrop. Afterward, participants can download their photos for free or order prints. Free Radicals and 66 Pin-Ups will both be there selling clothes, and Duke City Darlins will be selling flowers for your or your lady’s hair, as well as other Darlins merch. Snacks Viva of the Gilded Cage Burlesk & Varieté will be creating pinup hairstyles. The Alibi also has some surprises up its sleeve, and it’s not just a pack of Lucky Strikes.

The Rockabilly Blowout is in conjunction with the Hot Rod Hop, brought to you by Burque Burlesque, KiMo Theatre and Weekly Alibi. This crazy event involves a pre-’78 car show. The chariots will be parked at Central and Fourth Street from 3 to 6 p.m. The accompanying burlesque show happens at the KiMo Theatre at 6 p.m., and a screening of Robert Mitchum’s 1958 classic Thunder Road starts at 7 p.m. (The car show is free, and the titillating KiMo festivities are $10.)

All and all, that’s 10 hours of cars, fast women and hot licks in Downtown Albuquerque—make the scene!

Jakob Insane
Jakob Insane

An interview with Jakob Insane of the 12 Step Rebels

Jakob Insane is the singer and guitarist for longtime local favorite 12 Step Rebels. He’s now also playing solo, and will perform at Saturday night’s Rockabilly Blowout. Below, we ask him a few questions via e-communication.

How long has your band been together?

I have been playing in 12 Step Rebels for 11 years. However, because Nate (stand-up bassist) is in Philly I have begun to play solo, just me and the geetar. I have been playing solo now since March 24, 2011, which was kind of a new beginning for me—a lot in my life has changed since that day, for the better.

What drew you to rockabilly?

I have been listening to rockabilly since high school (’96) in Hawaii where my "greaser gang" the Cougars introduced me to the greaser culture. We were punk rockers who listened to Rocket from the Crypt, Elvis, the Stray Cats, etc. But I started to find old rockabilly, and read rockabilly magazines to find out more about it. I loved how wild and untamed it was, and I loved the aesthetic that went along with it. Plus, it was different—we could be in the punk scene but still stand out.

Do you have any other description for your sound besides "rockabilly"?

I would not call 12 Step Rebels or my solo stuff rockabilly. It is definitely influenced by rockabilly but also by other roots music, blues, bluegrass, country, hillbilly, cowboy, honky-tonk, old jazz, and also by punk rock. If I had to say—I call our music Punk Rock Americana; kind of like Bruce Springsteen or CCR (I wish) mixed with punk rock. Our sound has always been desolate and slightly sad.

Anything you want people to know about you or your band?

12 Step Rebels is still going strong and we just put out a split with the Koffin Kats in May of this year. My solo stuff is just taking off and I want to thank everyone who has shared kind words and offered encouragement. Albuquerque has been extremely kind to 12 Step Rebels and Jakob Insane (did I just use third person), and I want to thank the city, and the Launchpad (which let me play my first show acoustically and has always been supportive).


Cowboys and Indian—Matthew Rockabilly is pictured at right.
Cowboys and Indian—Matthew Rockabilly is pictured at right.

Matthew Rockabilly is the bass player for Cowboys and Indian, which performs at Saturday’s Rockabilly Blowout. Below he answers some questions over the web.

How long has your band been together?

Cowboys and Indian have only been around for 2 months, but I've been playing with Gerome Fragua (lead guitar/vocals) and Jeff Cooper (drums) in various different bands for a couple years now. My dream band had always been to have Jeff on drums and Gerome playing guitar and one day it just happened. We all had some free time, were in-between bands, and thought it would be fun to have a few beers and mess around; the result was incredible.

What drew you to rockabilly?

What really drew me to rockabilly was that it combined a lot of the genres that I was interested in. It has the energy of punk, but depending on the group it can lean towards pretty much any style of music. The whole history of rockabilly music is interesting, I could go on for hours, but the rockabilly pioneers were essentially the original punk rockers. Think about it: crazy hair, pissing off authority figures, poppin' pills and getting loud—those guys were renegades.

One of my favorite things that separates the spirit of rockabilly from a lot of different genres is that, on the whole, it is largely apolitical. Some musicians, Anti-Flag or Toby Keith, for example, have such extreme political viewpoints that it would be almost impossible to enjoy their music if you didn't at least somewhat agree with the message behind it. Rockabilly, on the other hand, really only preaches going out, grabbing a beer, and having a good time, and I think that regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum that's something everyone can get behind.

Do you have any other description for your sound besides "rockabilly"?

If I were to describe our sound as anything besides rockabilly I would describe it as hillbilly. Before rockabilly became it's own genre of music, most people categorized it as being a type of hillbilly music. I have always been interested in country music, Hank Williams being one of my favorites, and its connections to rockabilly. A lot of hillbilly musicians walked a fine line between being straight country and being a boppin' hillbilly band, to the point where you couldn't call them country, but they weren't quite what we think of today as being rockabilly. I really try to bring that into the music I play, something about that hillbilly sound is so raw to me.

Anything you want people to know about you or your band?

I don't think anybody really gets seriously into playing rockabilly for the money. If you're extremely dedicated it is possible to make a living playing rockabilly music, but this ain't Memphis and it's not 1953. I've seen a lot of incredible rockabilly musicians on tour who were just breaking even, but they weren't doing it for the dough. They were out to see the country and give people something to remember. As for Cowboys and Indian, we're out to be the best that we can be, have a good time doing it, and make people dance. I'd rather see a dance floor packed with people and make enough to cover my bar tab than be background noise in a stuffy bar for a couple hundred bucks.

By Jessica Cassyle Carr


*** Upcoming psychobilly events

19 November

2011 Psychobilly Luau


Modest Mouse Frontman to Score 'Queens Of Country'

The film by Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke ("The Heart is a Drum Machine," "Moog") stars Lizzy Caplan and Ron Livingston and features appearances by Tool's Maynard James Keenan and rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson.

Modest Mouse front man and songwriter Isaac Brock will compose his first feature film score for a movie based on an obsessive country music fan.

Queens of Country stars Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) and Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers). Caplan plays a country music fan convinced an iPod belongs to her soul mate whom she tries to find. Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle and rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson are in the cast as well.

Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke produced and directed the film, which recently wrapped post-production. The duo, who made the documentaries The Heart is a Drum Machine and Moog, wrote the script with Serene Dominic. Keenan's Puscifer scored their film Blood Into Wine, which chronicled the rocker's adventure into the wine-making world.

Brock previously scored the documentary 180 Degrees South.


Link Wray, Rumble + Rare Interview


Picture of the week #4


Bonnie and Clyde Takes Aim at Schoenfeld Theatre for December Broadway Opening

The producers of Bonnie and Clyde, the new rockabilly-and-blues-infused musical about the Depression-era American outlaws, are targeting Broadway's Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for a December opening, a production source told

Invited to play the title roles of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan, who recently appeared in a Manhattan industry reading of the show, which has music by Tony Award winner Frank Wildhorn (The Scarlet Pimpernel, Jekyll & Hyde), lyrics by Tony winner Don Black (Sunset Boulevard) and a libretto by Ivan Menchell (The Cemetery Club). Tony nominee Jeff Calhoun (Grease in 1994, Brooklyn, Big River, and the upcoming Disney's Newsies at Paper Mill Playhouse) directs and provides musical staging.

Osnes (currently playing Hope Harcourt in the Tony-winning Anything Goes, for which she was a Drama Desk nominee) and Jordan (Broadway's West Side Story, Rock of Ages) also toted guns in the resident not-for-profit tryout production at Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, FL, in 2010. (See's exclusive backstage photo gallery from December 2010.)

For the record, Osnes originated the role of Bonnie (opposite Stark Sands) when the musical first surfaced at La Jolla Playhouse in the fall of 2009, where she earned a San Diego Theater Critics Circle Award for her performance and the show won Best Musical. The musical has gone through refinements and revisions since that time.

The new Broadway production of Bonnie and Clyde is being presented by Kathleen Raitt, Barry Satchwell Smith, Jerry Frankel, Jeffrey Richards, Michael Jenkins and Bob Bartner.


As previously reported, composer Wildhorn (Wonderland, The Civil War, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Jekyll & Hyde) flirts with rockabilly, blues and gospel to tell the tale of a waitress and a troubled Texas teen whose notorious exploits captured the country's imagination.

The recent Manhattan reading cast of Bonnie and Clyde also included Claybourne Elder (as Buck Barrow), Melissa van der Schyff (as Blanche Barrow), Wayne Duvall (as Sheriff Schmid), Chris Peluso (as Ted Hinton), Kelsey Fowler (as Young Bonnie) and Ted Sutherland (as Young Clyde), with Leslie Becker, Mimi Bessette, Casey Shea, Natalie Hill, Alison Cimmet, Victor Hernandez, Michael Lanning, Dan Cooney, Michael Mulligan, Danny Stiles and Marty Thomas. Official casting and design team are yet to be announced. John McDaniel is music supervisor, orchestrator and arranger. 

The Motherf**ker With the Hat is currently playing a limited engagement to July 17 at the Schoenfeld Theatre on West 45th Street.

Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan in Asolo Rep's earlier production of Bonnie and Clyde.
Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan in Asolo Rep's earlier production of Bonnie and Clyde.
photo by Frank Atura


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Raucous Records June Newsletter

Raucous Records logo





Rockabilly guitar-ace and Stray Cats legend Brian Setzer is touring Europe this summer.  He stops off in the UK for shows in London on 24th July, and in Manchester on 25th July. Both nights will be supported by the fabulous Jim Jones Revue, with The Ceazars opening in London, and Vince Ray & The Boneshakers in Manchester. You can book your tickets here.


We celebrate 25 years of Raucous Rockabilly on 17th December with a special show with a 1980s Rockabilly theme.  The line-up so far boasts THE RIVERSIDE TRIO, ex-Shakin' Pyramids JAMES G CREIGHTON, THE SURESHOTS and THE WIGSVILLE SPLIFFS with more to be added. It all takes place in Leicester, and there are a limited number of specially priced tickets for Raucous Records customers when you book through our site here.  When those are gone, you can also book in advance here.
That brings us to the latest CD releases on Raucous Records - continuing to bring you the best in all things rockin'.

The world is familiar with Vince Ray via his record covers, T-shirts, tattoo designs and posters, but Ray has also been twangin' on his Gretsch guitars for as long as he's been producing his acclaimed graphic art.  The Boneshakers line-up is a classic rockabilly trio with guitar, double bass and drums.  With the power of Motorhead, Rockabilly Rhythms ala The Reverend Horton Heat, and dark sleazy lyrics that would suit The Cramps, the group's live appearances are a visual feast of hand-painted instruments, giant backdrops and an abundance of tattoos.  Ray's songs are the sonic equivalent of his artwork - foxy femme fatales, hell-bent hot rods and ghoulish grave-robbing greasers.    ORDER / INFO HERE

Being based in Belfast, The Sabrejets have been away from the restrictions to having to please any kind of cliquey purest Rock 'n' Roll crowd, which has allowed them to do their own thing.  The individual members vast array of influences shine through, strangely enough resulting in one of the purest Rock 'n' Roll bands on the planet. The Sabrejets have succeeded in capturing a Greasy Rock 'n' Roll sound purer than a purest band could get anywhere near - the result of rejecting genre boundaries and playing in their natural style. Only their second full-length album in a history which reaches back three decades, The Sabrejets present the superb Sin-Sational, boasting more original material and ideas than their Rockabilly contemporaries, yet sounding hauntingly familiar.  ORDER / INFO HERE

Union Avenue play songs from Quentin Tarantino movies, with Sun Records class and Johnny Cash cool. Following their tradition of playing unexpected cover songs that has gained them international recognition via covers of Motorhead, The Undertones, The Clash and The Rolling Stones, this time out the boys pay a joint tribute to the great sound of Johnny Cash and the great movies of Quentin Tarantino. You've heard these songs before - but never quite like this!  ORDER / INFO HERE

Strongly established on the international Psychobilly scene, The Monster Klub have toured with genre originators The Meteors, played the major Psychobilly festivals, had tracks released on labels in Europe, USA and Mexico, and had much media coverage worldwide. Raucous Records is proud the release the 5th Monster Klub studio album (their second on Raucous Records) - House Of Miracles presents a bloodfeast of gore and horror themed Psychobilly stompers, with exceptional artwork throughout the 8-page booklet by frontman and guitarist Paskal.  ORDER / INFO HERE

Shaun Horton and The Del Rio Ramblers play 1940s/'50s Honky Tonk, Country and Rockabilly with a hard driving beat.  The line-up comprises of Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Stand-Up Bass, Lead Guitar, fronted by charismatic singer Shaun Horton. You may also recognise individual band-members from their work as part of The Tennessee Trio, The Rhythmaires or The Riverside Trio. With a repertoire that mixes original material with songs made famous by Hank Williams, Ray Price, Curtis Gordon and Ferlin Husky, Shaun Horton's Del Rio Ramblers present their fabulous debut album Go Away Hound Dog.  Recorded on vintage equipment, authenticity is guaranteed. Their lively remake of Cliff Johnson's Go Away Hound Dog has been selected as the title track, and is fast becoming a dancefloor hit on the Rockabilly club scene.  ORDER / INFO HERE

Gary Setzer and Barry Ryan is the perfect Rockabilly combination, and their debut album Rockabilly Express blasts out hard rockers that any fan of their previous bands will love.  Indeed, they surpass Gary's work with his brother Brian, his subsequent recordings as a frontman, and Barry's major label releases with The Rockats with all-out rockers like Hot Train To Hell, Whiskey Boysand Las Vegas Blues.  This Rockabilly Express rocks hard and is not for the feint hearted, on a track that journey's through their diverse Americana roots.  ORDER / INFO HERE

The Shakedown Combo have the attitude that Rockabilly is modern and contemporary, not simply a sound from past decades revived by cover bands whenever retro becomes fashionable.  The track-list of their debut album Burnt Out Hot Rod Car (produced by Danny B Harvey) displays that they favour original material over reworking the old classics.  However, they don't dismiss the original rockers, or the 1980s revivalists.  Rockabilly artists from both eras play a big part in influencing the sound and style of The Shakedown Combo, giving them a solid bass to move forward from.Rockabilly fans will love the twanging guitar and slapping double bass that typify the genre, but the catchy upbeat songs and modern production invite wider appeal.
The Shakedown Combo's line-up consists of two girls (Gill on vocals and Miss Kimmi on upright bass) and two guys (Davey Lee on guitar and Zurco on Drums) who together blast out Red Hot Bass Slappin' Beat Whackin' Rockabilly Twang!  ORDER / INFO HERE

Hootenanny 2011



Bedlam Breakout 2011


R.I.P. Robin Johnson (The Go Getters)



Social Distortion - Live @ Rock am Ring 2011

Here some of the highlites so far, all available for your viewing and listening pleasure.

:: Mommy's Little Monster
:: Machine Gun Blues
:: Ball and Chain
:: Don't Drag Me Down
:: Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
:: More Miles (To The Graveyard) (Hank Williams cover)
:: Prison Bound
:: California (Hustle and Flow)
:: Can't Take It With You
:: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)


Brian Setzer Tour 2011

2011 Rockabilly Riot Tour!

June 25 @ Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain - Azkena Rock Festival 2011 - Tickets

June 26 @ Bordeaux, France - Médoquine - Tickets

June 28 @ Paris, France - Grand Rex Theatre - Tickets

June 29 @ Clermont-Ferrand, France - La Coopérative de Mai - Tickets

June 30 @ Annecy, France, Arcadium - Tickets

July 2 @ Vigevano, Italy - Castello Sforzesco - Tickets

July 3 @ Istres, France - Pavillon de Grignan

July 5 @ Sete, France - Théatre de la Mer - Tickets

July 7 @ Zurich, Switzerland - ** Venue change ** Komplex 457 - Tickets

July 8 @ Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - Den Atelier - Tickets

July 9 @ Weert, Netherlands - Bospop - Tickets

July 11 @ Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso - Tickets

July 12 @ Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso - Tickets

July 13 @ Berlin, Germany - Huxley's - Tickets

July 15 @ Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark - Tickets

July 16 @ Cologne, Germany - E-Werk - Tickets

July 17 @ Peer, Belgium - Peer Music Festival - Tickets

July 19 @ Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega - Tickets

July 20 @ Stockholm, Sweden - München Bryggerie - Tickets

July 22 @ Helsinki, Finland - Helsinki Ice Hall - Tickets

July 24 @ London, UK - London Brixton Academy - Tickets
(with The Ceasars & The Jim Jones Review)

July 25 @ Manchester, UK - Manchester Academy - 
(with Vince Ray & The Boneshakers & The Jim Jones Review)

July 27 @ Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street - Tickets

July 31 @ Frederick, MD - Outlaw Jam - Tickets

Sept. 27 @ Nagoya, Japan - Shimin Kaikan Hall - Pre-Sale Tickets

Sept. 28 @ Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch - Pre-Sale Tickets

Sept. 29 @ Kanazawa, Japan - Honda No Mori Hall - Pre-Sale Tickets

Oct. 1 @ Sapporo, Japan - Nitori Hall - Pre-Sale Tickets

Oct. 3 @ Tokyo, Japan - C.C. Lemon Hall - Pre-Sale Tickets

Oct. 4 @ Tokyo, Japan - C.C. Lemon Hall - Pre-Sale Tickets

Dec. 17 @ Universal City, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre

It's Gonna Rock... 'Cause That's What I Do


Tiki Blowout! 2011



Rockabilly Rave # 15 - 2011


Mad Sin gig in Zagreb, Croatia

05.09.2011 - KSET Zagreb/Croatia

More information on: 


Picture of the week #3


*** Upcoming psychobilly gigs


11.12.17 The Neutronz, Spook And The Ghouls And 52 Pick-up - Newcastle

11.08.10 The Grit And The Koffin Kats - London Town


Sjock # 36 line up


All the best to the organizators of Tear It Up! 2011




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The Megatons new album OUT NOW!

French rockabilly band The Megatons have new album out, "Hydrogen Bomb". Album is released on vinyl and CD. Tracklist are down:

01. Dateless Night (Cordell - Miller)
02. Long Long Ponytail (C.Tharp)
03. Jelly Roll Rock (Wilks)
04. Sabotage (B.Goode)
05. Flying Fish (Lafer - Jackson)
06. You're The One That Done It (Ray Scott)
07. You're Late Miss Kate (Fore - Hitzell) 8. Lou Ann (A.Miller - J.Foley)
09. Thunder Wagon (The Nobelmen)
10. Not For Love Or Money (Gary Hodge)
11. Blue Swingin’ Mama (Fiscel - Dowd - Mitchell)
12. Sparkplug (Dave Burgess)
13. Baby Be Good (B.Morisson)

More information about band on:

Website :

Myspace :

Mail :


Mars Attack new album!

New album from great Mars Attack is out from April 2011. The new MARS ATTACKS CD: RECAPTURED! (a 26!! track CD of re-recordings of the sold out releases from 1999-2003).


1. Man From Mars
2. Snatch It 'N' Grab It
3. All Nite Boogie
4. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Ticket
5. Doggin' My Steps
6. Please Can You Say
7. Pepperhot Baby
8. The Way I Bop
9. That's The Way I Feel
10. Four Tired Car
11. Lies
12. Why. Jimmy Bill?
13. You'll Never Break Me
14. Honey
15. Dirty Tricks
16. I Guess It's Meant That Way
17. Rocket In The Sky
18. Shotgun Wedding
19. A Gal Of My Kind
20. Ninety Nine Ways
21. You Talk Too Much
22. Sputnik (The Satellite Girl)
23. Tattoo Bop
24. Mars Attacks
25. High School Ceasar (Bonus Track)
26. Leavin' It All Behund (Bonus Track)

Check for band tour dates on:


Nekromantix Reveal 'What Happens in Hell' (more information)

Legendary Danish-American psychobilly trio Nekromantix have revealed some hot news about their next studio album, the follow-up to 2007's Life is a Grave & I Dig It! The new project, titled What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell, is set to drop later this summer, and we've got some devilish details about the record and the band's upcoming North American tour. Click below and get in the know!

Founded by Kim Nekroman – well known among psychobilly fans for his signature coffin-shaped standup bass – Nekromantix have been major players in the horror music genre for well over two decades, and they're the first psychobilly band to be nominated for a Grammy (for their 1994 album Brought Back to Life). Nekroman describes their sound as "Elvis meets the Wolfman," with an injection of punk attitude and monster movie lyrics, and that ghoulish groove has inspired many bands over the years.

What Happens In Hell features thirteen tracks with titles like "Bats In My Pants," "Sleepwalker With A Gun" (described by the band as an "ominous anthem") and "Bela Lugosi's Star," a loving tribute to the horror icon. The album is set for release on August 2nd, but ahead of that date the band will be kicking off their North American tour, beginning in California on July 26th. Venues are listed on the band's Facebook page (, and presale tickets will be available to fans who subscribe to their mailing list.

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